I help folx in the queer and/or racialized communities up level their intimate relationships.

Let’s get to know one another…

I’m Maria! 

I didn’t go to Relationship School, or ‘Become a Relationship Coach” school. 

I studied human behaviour, the unconscious mind (neurology), and the power of language.  Because this is how we relate to one another. 

I also studied heavily at the school of Hard Knocks and passed with flying colours. 😎

My coaching style is kind, yet firm. A mix of sugar coating and tough love. We’ll get you there, I can guarantee it!

Work with me

I’m a Hair Stylist turned Relationship Strategist, and all over soulful entrepreneur.
Here’s how I can help!

Private Coaching for you.

Are you feeling stuck, in a rut, or have been single for way too long? Or do you find that you’re losing yourself in your current relationship and you want to reclaim back your individualism? 

Private Coaching for you & your intimate partner.

Has the fun and magic seeped out of  your relationship? Do you argue more often than not? Does it feel like you and your partner are never on the same page these days?

The 6 Month Relationship Program

This program allows you and your partner to watch the videos at your own pace. Each video comes with easy-to-implement strategies you can instantly apply within you relationship. Weekly, live sessions with me for anything that comes up!

Team Building and Leadership Training

Relationships at work are as important as your relationships at home. This training will help pinpoint your employees strengths, teach them valuable leadership skills, and help them strengthen the working bonds between each other.

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View the latest posts about all things relationships to propell you and your boo forward.

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